Monday, March 25, 2019

Intercessions - Lent 4C (2019)

Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year C
March 31, 2019

Even before we turn to meet God’s welcome,
the divine arms are open to accept us.
Even before the human heart is softened to repentance,
God invites all to know forgiveness.
Reconciled to God and one another by the mercy of Christ,
let us lift before God the needs of both church and world,
turning our hearts to God and singing/saying:
“Remember, O Lord, your faithfulness and love.”
“Remember, O Lord, your faithfulness and love.”

God who makes us one through the waters of the Font,
we pray for the church of Christ throughout the world.
We pray for the Provinces of the Anglican Communion,
especially for the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
and Archbishop James Richard Wong Yin Song.
{pause for silent prayer}
That we may be signs and agents
of the reconciliation you accomplish in Christ,
we turn our hearts to you: /R/

God who pursues us in love, we pray for this congregation of N.,
for N., our Archbishop, and for N., our Pastor(s).
We pray, too, for all who prepare for baptism, especially N.,
or for the renewal of baptismal vows, especially N.
{pause for silent prayer}
Hold before us the image of our humanity created anew,
and that we may reflect your yearning love
in all our words and actions,
we turn our hearts to you: /R/

Giver of peace, we pray for those who live or serve
in areas of warfare and arenas of conflict.
We pray especially for members of the armed forces,
diplomats, relief and human rights organizations,
and all who risk their lives in the cause of peace.
{pause for silent prayer}
And that you may quicken the hunger for concord and reconciliation
in our lives and in our world,
we turn our hearts to you: /R/

Wellspring of freedom, we pray for those longing for deliverance
from fear or anxiety, sin or guilt, despair or discouragement,
illness or any other affliction, especially N. 
{pause for silent prayer}
And that we may welcome gladly
all those for whom you prepare a feast,
we turn our hearts to you: /R/

Ever Faithful One, in whom our future rests secure,
we remember before you those who have died in the peace of Christ,
and the departed whose faith is known to you alone.
We remember especially N.
{pause for silent prayer}
And that we may hold fast to the promise of life eternal,
we turn our hearts to you: /R/

The Presider concludes with the following Collect:

God of restless longing,
you await the return of the wayward and wandering
and eagerly embrace them in pardon.
Through baptism you have clothed us with the glory of Christ
and restored our inheritance.
Give us generous hearts to welcome all who seek a place
at the table of your love.
We ask this through your mercy made flesh,
Jesus Christ the Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
now and forever.

“The Prodigal Son Returns,” by Soichi Watanabe. Artwork available from various sources, including

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