Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Intercessions - Lent 3C (2019)

Third Sunday in Lent, Year C
March 24, 2019

As high as the heavens are above the earth,
so are God’s ways higher than our ways.
That all who thirst may come to the waters and be satisfied,
let us pray to the Lord singing/saying:
“Remember, O Lord, your faithfulness and love.”
“Remember, O Lord, your faithfulness and love.”

Let us pray for the church throughout the world,
especially in those places where persecution is persistent.
Let us pray for the Anglican Communion,
especially the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
and its Primate, The Most Revd Paul Kwong.
That the prayer, fasting and almsgiving of Lent
may bring forth new vitality in our worship and mission,
we pray to the Lord: /R/

Let us pray for all those preparing for baptism
or for the renewal of baptismal vows, especially N.
That shaped into signs of the Kingdom in our midst,
they may inspire us in our faith,
we pray to the Lord: /R/

Let us pray for the nations and peoples of the earth, especially N.  
That the wealth of our world
may become a force for generosity rather than greed;
an agent of friendship rather than enmity,
we pray to the Lord: /R/

Let us pray for those who suffer sickness or need, especially N.
That, through the sure faithfulness of God,
they may find strength to endure want and affliction,
we pray to the Lord: /R/

Let us remember the dead, especially N.
And that with souls satisfied as at a rich feast,
our joyful lips may proclaim continually,
“Your steadfast love is better than life,”
we pray to the Lord: /R/

The Presider concludes with the following Collect:

O God, whose doing is love,
whose doing is creation,
widen our capacity to receive your grace
and mould us in the posture of humility
that we may incline our ear to you and live.
We ask this through the One
who is your steadfast love made flesh,
Jesus Christ the Lord.

The Prayers of the People provided for the Season of Lent have been composed to echo, complement, and respond to the scripture passages assigned for Year C of the Revised Common Lectionary. Congregations engaging in “Becoming the Story We Tell” may find them of particular support. These prayers may be used “as is,” or adapted according to local need.

The response suggested for the prayers remains the same for each Sunday, with the exception of Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion. It is hoped that the words will be readily committed to memory, whether said or sung.

For congregations wanting to use a sung refrain, #769 in Common Praise (1998) is recommended. It is an accessible refrain that uses the congregational response suggested in the prayers below.

It is recommended that only the response for the Prayers of the People be printed in the worship leaflet or provided in PowerPoint slides.

Intercessors should prepare for The Prayers of the People well before the Liturgy to ensure any particular names or places to be included are identified and pronunciations are correct.

Even if no one in the congregation is a baptismal candidate for the Great Vigil of Easter during the Christian Passover, the Day of Pentecost, or any Sunday of the Easter Season, prayers for those preparing for baptism should be included throughout Lent. The same holds true for petitions offered for those making an intentional journey of baptismal renewal over this Lenten season. The scope of the Intercessions in Liturgy is always wider than any single congregation’s concern or context.

If any in the congregation or parish are preparing for Confirmation, their names should be included with those making an intentional journey of baptismal renewal/preparing to renew baptismal vows.

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