Monday, March 11, 2019

Intercessions - Lent 2C (2019)

Second Sunday of Lent, Year C
March 17, 2019

The Lord is our light and salvation.
Therefore, our hearts take courage as we place our hope in God.
That our words and actions might acclaim
the One who comes in the Name of the Lord,
let us offer ourselves in Christ as we sing/say:
 “Remember, O Lord, your faithfulness and love.”

Faithful God, in whom our future rests secure,
we pray for the church throughout the world,
especially the Church of England,
and Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury.
(allow time for silent prayer)
That your people may be a blessing to all nations,
we offer ourselves in Christ: /R/

God who gathers tenderly,
we pray for those preparing for baptism, especially N.,
and those preparing to renew their baptismal covenant, especially N.
(silent prayer)
And that the rest of us may provide for them
examples worthy of imitation,
we offer ourselves in Christ: /R/

God our promised land, in whom all peoples may find a home,
we pray for refugees,
and for all who journey in the hope of security and freedom, especially N.
(silent prayer)
That the citizens of earth,
especially those entrusted with power and wealth,
may render the mercy you desire,
we offer ourselves in Christ: /R/

God our hope, the source of blessing for every nation,
we pray for all who name themselves children of Abraham,
the people of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.
(silent prayer)
And that all people may yearn for, and seek your peace,
we offer ourselves in Christ: /R/

All-seeing God, whose embrace is a wide as the universe,
direct your compassionate gaze
upon the marginalized, the sick and all who suffer, especially N.
(silent prayer)
That all in need may know you as their guard and their shade,
we offer ourselves in Christ: /R/

God in whom we believe,
the One who gives life to the dead
and calls into existence the things that do not exist,
we remember before you those who sleep in Christ, especially N.
(silent prayer)
And that we may always walk according to your promises,
we offer ourselves in Christ: /R/

The Presider concludes with the following Collect:

God of the covenant, through baptism we pass
from the darkness of sin and death
to the light of resurrection life.
As we offer ourselves in prayer,
fill us with hope and joy,
that we may arrive at our Passover celebration
with a deeper awareness of the citizenship we share
through the One in whom we stand firm,
Jesus Christ for the risen Savior.

A musical setting of the response can be found in Common Praise (1998) of The Anglican Church of Canada (#769). Another suitable said or sung response may be substituted for the one provided.

Even if no one in your congregation is to be baptized during the Paschal Triduum, ormaking an intentional journey of baptismal renewal over this Lenten season, you are encouraged to pray for those preparing for baptism or the renewal of baptismal promises. For these occasions will be celebrated throughout the wider church during this holy time.

Some of the petitions or biddings included in the Prayers of the People prepared and provided on this blog for Lent and Easter presume an Anglican context. You are encouraged to revise the Intercessions in ways suitable for your setting. 

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