Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Intercessions - Easter 1C (2019)

First Sunday of Easter, Year C
April 21, 2019

It is recommended that the response to the biddings in the Prayers of the People be sung. A simple, accessible setting for the suggested response is here: https://aplm2013.blogspot.com/2019/04/music-may-your-holy-spirit-guide-us.html

Please provide appropriate acknowledgement and only reproduce for use in your congregation.

Even if there is no one is baptized or engaging in an intentional renewal of baptism (including Confirmation, or Reception into the Anglican Communion) in your congregation during the Paschal Triduum or the Season of Easter, you are encouraged to pray for the newly baptized and those renewing their baptismal promises.

Our God loves the world with an everlasting love,
faithful and near in all times and places.
As we make our declaration,
“God’s steadfast love endures forever,”
let us lift our hearts in prayer as we sing/say:
“May your Holy Spirit Guide Us Into Truth.”

God, our strength and our might,
you have raised us with Christ.
We pray for your church, particularly in N.
{allow a short period for silent prayer}
Call us by name.
Place the testimony of Mary Magdalene in our mouths.
May we declare with joy and boldness,
“The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!”
To you we lift our hearts, O God: /R/

God in whose salvation we rejoice,
we pray for the recently baptized, especially N.,
and for all who celebrated baptismal renewal
during this Christian Passover, especially N.,
{allow a time of silent prayer}
Enliven with your Spirit those whom you have anointed.
Establish as your witnesses
those who eat and drink with the risen Lord.
Reveal your people in the glory of Christ, our life.
To you we lift our hearts, O God: /R/

God, whose Messiah is Sovereign of all,
we pray for the nations and peoples of the earth, especially N.
{allow a time of silent prayer}
Breathe resurrection life
into those suffocated by death’s power.
Stir the conscience and heart of all who govern.
Say to the troubled of our world, “Be not afraid!”
To you we lift our hearts, O God: /R/

God who wipes away the tears from all faces,
we pray for those longing for deliverance
from fear or anxiety,
weeping or despair,
sickness or any other affliction, especially N.
{allow time for silent prayer}
Become the salvation of those who call out to you.
Reveal grace in wilderness places.
May glad songs sound in the tents of the righteous.
To you we lift our hearts, O God: /R/

Judge of the living and the dead,
we remember those whom we love but see no longer, especially N.
{allow a time of silent prayer}
Make all who die in Adam alive in Christ.
Defeat that final enemy, Death.
May the beloved rejoice,
“I shall not die, but live, and recount the deeds of the Lord.”
To you we lift our hearts, O God: /R/

The Presider concludes the Prayers of the People with a Collect such as the following:

Through the resurrection of your Son, O God,
you destroy the power of death
and remove your people’s shame.
By the power of the Spirit, raise us from sin
and seat us at the paschal feast,
that we may rejoice in the gift of salvation,
won for us through Jesus Christ the risen Lord.

Collect revised from:

“Deposition, Burial and Resurrection of Christ,” by Guy Roddon.

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