Sunday, May 26, 2019

Intercessions - Easter 7C (2019)

Seventh Sunday of Easter
June 2, 2019

That all people may know the One whom God has sent
and walk in the promised liberty of the gospel,
let us offer ourselves in Christ as we sing/say,
"May your Holy Spirit guide us into truth."

God in whom we live, we pray for the unity of the church.
{pause for silent prayer}
That we may be completely one
so every heart may know you have sent the Son,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Calling, sending God, we pray for the mission of the church.
We pray for La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico,
led by their Presiding Bishop, Francisco Moreno.
We pray for the newly baptized, particularly N.
{pause for silent prayer}
That through our worship, witness, and work
we may, with you, hasten the liberation of the world,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Light for the righteous,
we pray for the nations and peoples of the earth,
particularly N.
{pause for silent prayer}
That creation may rejoice
and all peoples behold your glory,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Wellspring of freedom,
we pray for those longing for deliverance
from fear or anxiety,
oppression or want,
illness or any other affliction, particularly N.
{pause for silent prayer}
That all who thirst may take the water of life as a gift,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Ever-faithful One, in whom our future rests secure,
we remember before you those who have died in the peace of Christ,
and the departed whose faith is known to you alone.
We remember particularly N.
{pause for silent prayer}
And that we, with them,
may see the glory of the ascended Lord,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

The Presider or Intercessor concludes the Prayers of the People with the following collect:

God our hope,
you have exalted your Chosen One, our High Priest Jesus Christ,
as most high over all the earth.
Hear the prayer we offer with him before your throne,
and cause us to sing your praise in every situation of bondage,
that all people may be set free
and know you are the God who saves.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,
the risen and ascended Saviour.

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