Monday, May 13, 2019

Intercessions – Easter 5C (2019)

May 19, 2019

Gathered together in the name of the One
in whom God’s glory is revealed,
let us pray, and offer ourselves in Christ as we sing/say:
“Turn our grateful hearts into lives that bring you praise.”

Let us pray for the church.
With Anglicans worldwide
we lift up The Anglican Church of Melanesia,
and its Archbishop, George Takeli.
We pray, too, for this Diocese of N.,
and our Bishop, N.,
and for this congregation.
{pause for silent prayer}
That we may have such love for one another
that everyone will know we are his disciples,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Let us pray for the newly baptized, especially N.
{pause for silent prayer}
That there may be no distinction among those
whom one font, one Spirit, one faith make one people,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Let us pray for exiles and refugees, particularly N.
{pause for silent prayer}
That all without home or homeland because of war or terrorism,
because of the greed or hatred of others,
may be welcomed with generosity
into places of safety, dignity, and rest,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Let us pray for those enduring illness, anxiety, or fear,
addiction, loneliness, betrayal,
or any other kind of personal struggle,
remembering particularly N.
{pause for silent prayer}
That Christ’s victory over sin and death
may show itself in relief and liberation for those in need,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

Let us remember the dead, especially N.
{pause for silent prayer}
Longing for the day when death will be no more;
mourning and pain will be no more,
we offer ourselves in Christ: (R)

The Presider concludes the Prayers of the People with the following collect:

O God, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, 
you are the One who makes all things new. 
To the thirsty you give water from the spring of life. 
Hear the prayer hearts and voices carry before you.
May we rejoice in the splendour of your works
as we live in expectation
of all you promise,
through the One in whom you are glorified,
Jesus Christ the Lord.

“Christ Washing the Feet of St. Peter,” by Sadao Watanabe.

It is recommended that the response to the biddings in the Prayers of the People be sung. A simple, accessible setting for the suggested response is here:

Please provide appropriate acknowledgement and only reproduce for use in your congregation:

"Turn Our Grateful Hearts," text by D. Jay Koyle. Copyright c.2015, D. Jay Koyle, All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission. Music by Normand L. Blanchard. Copyright c.2015, Normand L. Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.

Even if there is no one is baptized or engaging in an intentional renewal of baptism (including Confirmation, or Reception into the Anglican Communion) in your congregation during the Paschal Triduum or the Season of Easter, you are encouraged to pray for the newly baptized and those renewing their baptismal promises.

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